You’re Never Alone with a Supercar

Speedyreg - Preston Super Car Meet
Speedyreg – Preston Super Car Meet

When you drive a head-turning supercar, you’re always going to draw attention. Wherever you go people will want to take a closer look at your vehicle, perhaps have their photo taken with it. People love supercars, but the best people to talk about cars with are other supercar owners. Join a supercar club and you’ll be able to meet up regularly with other owners. It’s a whole lot of fun and a great source of information too.

Finding a supercar club in your area

You might be surprised how many supercar clubs there are in the UK, chances are you won’t have to travel too far to attend one, but if you do, well you’re in the best car for it anyway! Of course if you know any other supercar owners you can simply ask around, but otherwise, the best way to find a local club is to search online for club websites and check on Facebook. Most clubs will have a Facebook page or group you can join for more information.

Preston Supercar Meet

If you’re eager to attend your first supercar meet, then if you’re close to Preston, you can go along on November 17th for their monthly meeting at Phantom Winger, Fulwood from 10am to noon. We’re sure you’ll be given a warm welcome.

Leeds Supercar Meet

If you’re a Yorkshire Supercar owner then this monthly meet is ideal for you. Established in 2010, this club started out with just four members and now has over four hundred! This large club puts on a lot of events for its members. Drives out with reserved parking negotiated with local councils, hospitality and discounted tickets to motoring events around the country. You’re not forgotten over the winter months either with some fun Go Karting events organised for you.

Supercars of Essex

For those further south there is Supercars of Essex. They have a lot of events to attend and they will also help with the sale and purchase of supercars.

Every supercar needs a private plate

Of course no supercar is complete without a personalised number plate. The two just go hand in hand. So if you’re looking for a new plate for your supercar, head to for a huge selection of highly desirable plates and top rated customer service. So whether you’d like LOT 22 for your Lotus, 8 POR for your Porsche or LAM 80B for your Lamborghini, you’ll find it right here.