Walking Dead Season 9 – What’s Coming Up?

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The Walking Dead – Speedy Reg

We’ve waited for this since April last year and now it’s here! The 9th season of that massive hit zombie series The Walking Dead. But what’s on the cards for the latest season? Here’s what we’ve heard so far…

You may think you’ve seen the last of Abraham Ford after being killed off in season 8, but in this show, you certainly can’t count on people staying dead, and rumour has it that Ford will return in series 9. That’s not all, it’s actually been confirmed that no less than 3 dead characters will be making a return for this season.

So there are some old characters coming back, but we’ll be losing one too as Andrew Lincoln, who of course plays Rick Grimes, will be leaving the show at some point during this season. We’ve heard that he’ll still feature in a few episodes before he’s written out though. So who will step into his shoes and take on the lead role in the show? The grapevine suggests it will be Norman Reedus, but so far this is something he’s denied. Is it all simply a ruse to keep us in suspense? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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