Appreciate Salespeople on National Salesperson Day!

There are many tough jobs out there, and we do appreciate many of them, but salespeople tend to get overlooked, with our respect and appreciation going to the more obvious choices such as lifesaving doctors, nurses and those that work for the fire service. However, salespeople do work hard, especially at this time of year, so why not join in with National Salesperson Day and show them that you do appreciate their hard work?

Some salespeople will stand at a shop counter for long hours, they’ll spend time to fully understand the products they’re selling so they can help you when you have a question. Or perhaps a salesperson is travelling the country visiting clients, living out of a suitcase away from their families. Sales people may have targets to reach, they could be working over Christmas, they may not be earning any large amount, but they’re doing an important job. Without salespeople, the whole country would grind to a standstill!

So how to join in with National Salesperson Day? Well if you’re an employer of salespeople, there are plenty of ways to show your staff you appreciate their efforts and their loyalty. You could treat them all to a meal out, Christmas is the perfect time to do this! A bonus will also always be gratefully received, but also a thank you goes a long way!

If your interaction with salespeople is generally when you’re out shopping, then take the time to say thank you when a salesperson helps you find the item you’re looking for or answers your query. At this time of year, shopping can be stressful, but try not to take your frustrations out on the salespeople. If there’s a long queue, it’s really not their fault, so keep calm and relax, you’ll soon be out of the shop on your way home, while the poor salespeople could be there for many more hours!

The perfect Christmas present for a sales person?

Some people are just born for sales aren’t they? As the sayings go, there are those people who could sell sand to Arabs and snow to Eskimos. If you know someone like that, who just loves to clinch a deal, then how about this number plate for their Christmas present… 54 LES? Shopping for a salesperson who excels at their career because they’ve got the gift of the gab? They may well see the funny side if you buy them a GAB plate such as 46 GAB or GAB 2M!