Commonly asked question about Number Plates

What is a registration number?

A car registration number is the number that is assigned to a particular vehicle as part of the registration and licensing process. It can be withdrawn if you want and can be replaced. For instance, you can request for a personalised registration. If you got your new registration, your old registration will already be cancelled; unless, otherwise you request to retain it. The registration number is unique and it serves as the identifying mark of the vehicle.

Where can you buy registration number?

You can go directly to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA or you can go one of the many number plate dealers nationwide. The good thing about going to a number plate dealer is that it is your one stop shop. You can purchase registration from them, request for personalised number plate from them, and they will also be the one to process paper works.

What happens to your registration number if your vehicle was stolen?

You will be allowed to transfer the registration number to another vehicle although you have to meet some conditions like you will have to wait after a year before you can re-assign the registration number. Make sure that you reported the incident so that authorities will be able to give you a record that you can present to the licensing agency. Aside from the record, you will also have to submit other documents like a letter from your insurer that they have no problem with your request of re-assigning the registration number. 

What if you bring the vehicle outside the country?

If you have to bring your vehicle outside the country, you will have to contact the authorities as soon as possible. You may have to transfer your registration number before you leave the country if you plan to sell the vehicle. If you are just coming back with the vehicle, you don’t need to do transfer the registration. It is best to visit your department of transport or licensing agency to ensure that you are able to do the right thing about your car’s registration.