The Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) has changed!

AllV5C’s that are being issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will have a new look. The new V5C will make it clear that the registration certificate is not proof of ownership and will provide details of where you can get advice on buying a used vehicle.   

The ‘scrap’ box has also been removed because all cars, light vans and three-wheeled motor vehicles- excluding motor tricycles, must be taken to an Authorised Treatment Facility, who should issue a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).  Vehicles other than those already mentioned, should still be taken to an ATF to ensure they are destroyed to environmental standards.  Anyone keeping the vehicle but breaking it up for parts, etc, should make a Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) to let DVLA know that the vehicle is being kept unlicensed and off the road. 

Anyone with the existing blue version need not do anything as both types of document are still valid. 

DVLA’s ‘Buyer Beware’ message advises that the V5C is only one of the things that buyers of used vehicles need to check.  By making buyers aware of the risks, our aim is to help them to protect themselves and reduce the risk of getting caught out by criminals. 

The New V5C will look like: 


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