England Vs India Test Cricket Begins!

The test matches between India and England are always much anticipated and they’re finally here!

Starting on August 1st, the calendar looks like this…

August 1-5  – 1st Test, Edgbaston (11:00 BST)

August 9-13  – 2nd Test, Lord’s (11:00 BST)

August 18-22  – 3rd Test, Trent Bridge, Nottingham (11:00 BST)

August 30-September 3 – 4th Test, Southampton (11:00 BST)

September 7-11 – 5th Test, The Oval (11:00 BST)

Could injuries affect England’s performance?

England do tend to rely on players James Anderson and Stuart Broad rather heavily. Between them, they take more than half of all of England’s Test wickets! But, unfortunately, both of them have suffered injuries lately which could hinder their performance. Anderson has had a problem with his shoulder and Broad has suffered damage to the ligaments in his left ankle. Let’s hope they are not too badly affected and are able to play, and play well! Good luck!

Test Cricket – Some interesting facts!

  • The only batsman to ever hit a six off the first ball of a Test match is Chris Gayle.
  • The only person to ever play Test cricket for both India and England is Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, grandfather of Saif Ali Khan.
  • Alec Stewart scored 8463 Test runs. This becomes particularly interesting when you discover his date of birth… 8-4-63!
  • At 11:11 on the morning of 11-11-11, South African needed 111 runs to win the Test match.

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