Earth Day 2018 – Get Involved!

Earth Day started in 1970 and has grown massively. A world wide event to bring nations together to help protect the planet and reduce environmental damage. It is thought that over a billion people across 192 countries now get involved with Earth Day, and you can too!

The theme for 2018

This year the focus is on reducing the use of plastics with the theme being End Plastic Pollution. Plastic pollution is an increasing problem. Plastics are harming our oceans, and our wildlife. These plastics are even being found in our food, and could cause some serious diseases.

An end to single-use plastics

One of the major contributory factors to these high levels of plastic pollution we’re seeing nowadays is single-use plastic products. You may not think anything of the plastic straw in your drink, or the plastic water bottle you’re drinking from, but when you begin to think about all the millions of plastic items we use all over the world, every day, then throw them away, you can begin to see the scale of the problem. One of the easiest ways to join in with the ethos of Earth Day 2018 is simply to reduce the amount of plastic you throw away. When you’re out, ask for a drink without a straw. At home, buy a sturdy reusable straw and simply wash it. Try to buy products that don’t have lots of plastic packaging, and decant water into your own reusable container rather than buying bottled water on a daily basis.

Make your pledge for an Act of Green

As well as cutting out those pointless plastics, why not make your own personal pledge to go greener with an Act of Green? Perhaps it will be to take your own bags to the shop instead of buying a plastic bag every time? Maybe you’ll buy more organic produce? You could cut down on the amount of meat you eat, or perhaps you could plant a tree in your garden, or in a local area? Here at Speedy Reg we already recycle everything we can, but we’re also making our own personal Act of Green pledges. There’s always something more you can do!

Spread the word

With a billion people across the globe joining in with Earth Day, together we can make a difference.  Be sure to teach your children about the issues regarding single-use plastics. Give them a pride in their planet and encourage them to cut down on plastic themselves. Encourage your employer to ban plastic straws and non-biodegradable disposables in the work’s canteen. Perhaps speak to your local school about organising an educational event for Earth Day. Every little thing you can do, can really help.

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