Aye, tis Talk Like Shakespeare Day! 

Ever fancied talking like ‘The Bard’ but always felt rather silly? Well this is YOUR day. On this day, the whole world is certainly a stage, so put on your best performance and embrace this fun, if somewhat quirky day.

How to Talk Like Shakespeare

Now you need to get serious about this, talking like Shakespeare doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so you may want to practice before you unleash your new language on your friends and family.

Here are our top tips for a successful Talk Like Shakespeare Day…

The letters e t and h are your friend

Adding ‘eth’ onto the end of a verb will certainly make you sound more Shakespearean.

“The dog bitteth my leg”, “I shall runneth to purchase more ale”

Learn to insult people the Shakespeare way

Nowadays, insults are so unimaginative. Why call someone a stupid idiot or a silly cow when you could instead call them a dried neat’s tongue, a bull’s pizzle or a stock-fish?

Take some tips from The Bard to woo a loved one

Why not take this opportunity to bring some extra romance into your relationship, or if you’re single, this tactic could certainly help you to find love! How about these for starters…

“I humbly beseech of your pardon. For too much loving you”

“When you do dance, I wish you were a wave o’ the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that.”

“Come woo me, woo me, for I am in a holiday humour and like enough to consent”

So has’t thee been inspired to speaketh like Shakespeare?  Whether tis for romance or to putteth down thy friends or colleagues, thee art sure to has’t some excit’ment!