Happy Birthday Miley Ray Cyrus!

We’re wishing a very Happy Birthday to Miley Ray Cyrus who turns 25 on November 23rd. Miley certainly has a lot of names, which is handy when you’re searching for a private plate with your name on! It gives you lots more options to choose from!

Miley Ray Cyrus started out life as Destiny Hope Cyrus. She was named Destiny Hope as her parents believed she would go on to do great things. Well they certainly weren’t wrong there! As a baby she smiled a lot, so she was nicknamed Smiley, which then turned into Miley and the name stuck! She later changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. So where does the Ray come from? Well it was in honour of her grandfather who also had the middle name of Ray, although her dad Billy Ray Cyrus has the middle name of Ray too.

Of course she’s also incredibly well known as Hannah Montana, the part she played in the Disney TV series of the same name. Just another name she’s known by to add to the long list.

Miley seems to do well at everything she turns her hand to. She’s a highly accomplished singer and songwriter and of course she’s been an actress for most of her life.

Miley’s life seems to have been quirky from the start. First off, she has Dolly Parton as a godmother. How cool is that? Then when it came to getting her first job, what did she do? A paper round? A few shifts in a cafe? Nope, she was hired by her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, to join him on tour and pick up the bras and knickers that his fans threw on stage during his concerts. That’s certainly an interesting one for the CV!

So which private plates would you pick out to give Miley for her birthday? We’ve got plenty with her initials on so there’s lots of choice such as MRC 69, N21 MRC or DR55 MRC. Or she could go for something short and to the point such as 61 MC or 46 MC. These two plates certainly have the celebrity look about them. She changed her middle name to Ray, so she must be pretty fond of that name, so how about RAY 9, 17 RAY, RAY 30 or 23 RAY? Then if she fancies a change, she can always give that one to her dad!

Perhaps she’d like a Hannah Montana plate that reflects the show that shot her to stardom. If so, she could have 1 HM or 42 HM. These would also be the ultimate plate for any Hannah Montana fan!

So a huge Happy Birthday to Miley Ray Cyrus from all of us at Speedy Reg!