Way-hey! It’s Best Friends Day!

There’s a big difference between a good friend and a Best Friend. A best friend is the first person you tell when you’ve got some good news. They’re also the person you go to when you need a shoulder to cry on. That’s because you just know you can depend on them, they’re always there for you when you need them.

A best friend will always lend a hand, even for the most boring of jobs. If you’re moving house, they’ll be there carrying boxes. If you’re broken hearted, they’ll cancel their hot date for a night in with you, even though you’re going to spend the whole night being terrible company. They won’t grumble if you want to borrow something, and won’t complain too much if you give it back slightly worse for wear.

So why not make Best Friends’ Day the day when you do something nice for your very own best friend? You could pop round to see them and take them some flowers, or perhaps a delicious cake to share over coffee and a good gossip. Perhaps you could take them out for dinner? Even if your best friend isn’t close by, you can still let them know you appreciate them. Pick up the phone and tell them what they mean to you, or send them a surprise in the post. There’s few things more exciting than an unexpected gift in the post!

Sometimes we don’t see our best friends as much as we would like. We’re busy at work, our families keep us well occupied, but time spent with a best friend is time well spent so make the effort today. Your best friend is sure to appreciate it!

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Of course, your best friend may be more unusual than some. Your best friend could be your pet! There’s no reason you can’t spoil your furry best friends on Best Friends Day too! You could share your love for them with a new plate too, plates such as CAT 11S and 2 DOG will certainly let everyone know that you think the world of your pets! Both of these are for sale via our website so do take a look if your best friend is of the furrier kind!