Amazing Plates for Doctor Who Fans

Since it first hit our screens back in 1963, Doctor Who has had a huge following. So many of us hid behind the sofa from the Daleks back in our childhood, and still enjoy the show just as much today.

We’ve had some amazing Doctors over the years and everyone seems to have their favourite, whether it’s Tom Baker with his iconic scarf, or the bow tie loving Matt Smith. The upcoming new doctor is going to be pretty exciting as Jodie Whittaker will be the first ever female Doctor.

The TARDIS doesn’t have number plates, but if it did, one of our fabulous Doctor Who plates would suit it perfectly. If you’re a big fan of Doctor Who, you might want one for yourself. So what do these plates look like? Okay here you go…

There’s DR62 WHO, DR60 WHO, DR14 WHO or to celebrate the upcoming 13th Doctor, how about DR13 WHO?

We’ve got loads to choose from, and we can’t list them all here, so search our site for the entire list.

We’ve also got some other Whovian plates for you. How about a TARDIS plate such as TAR 41S? Or how about a plate for The Master? You could have MAS 773R or MAS 732S. If you have two cars, you could have a subtle message that only you, other fans and Rose Tyler will understand… J9 BAD  and WOL 1F.

Rose herself might like ROS 6, Captain Jack might be rather fond of JAC 11K. We’ve got CLA 55A for Clara, and we mustn’t forget the Doctor’s latest companion Bill who could have BIL 434 or BIL 977.

Can you find any more Doctor Who plates on our site? Do let us know if you can!

We’ve got to wait until the Christmas Special to see any more Doctor Who episodes, but as the next Doctor has been announced, at least we can rest assured that we’ve got another series to look forward to next year. In the mean time, you can pass the time searching for your new Doctor Who private plate.