Celebrate your Greatest Mate – it’s Best Friend’s Day!

Best Friend’s Day – Speedy Reg

Friends are all different, some you can rely on, some you know will always turn up late. Others you can talk to for hours, and there’s always that friend you’re very fond of, but prefer them in small doses. But when it comes to friends, there’s always one who stands out from the rest. That friend who’s always been there for you, a friendship that has stood the test of time, when other friendships have faded and drifted away.

Today is Best Friend’s Day so it’s time to appreciate that wonderful person in your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them. So pick up the phone and plan something fun to do together, or if they don’t live nearby, why not surprise them with a gift in the post. Post photos of you and your bestie on Facebook, the very worst or most embarrassing photos of course, that’s what best friends are for. They look after you when you’re down, they’re happy for you when life’s going well, and they’re always on hand to take the mickey, and you know they mean it well because you know them inside out.

Go all out with matching BFF plates

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Be a good friend and make a new one

There’s always room in your life for more great friends, so why not get out there and meet some new people who could become your best friend in the future? Join a class or hobby group and meet like-minded people. Or volunteer for a charity that arranges visits to older people who can’t get out and about as much as they would like to which often leads to loneliness. Being a friend to an older person can be incredibly rewarding, taking time to listen to their stories over a coffee can be truly fascinating.

Here’s to friendships, new and old – Happy Best Friend’s Day!