Treat Dad to a Private Plate this Father’s Day

A private plate is just the perfect gift for your dad. Of course he loves anything you give him, but when you’re looking at novelty socks, a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug or a bottle of whisky, why not also take a look at our selection of plates that would be ideal for your dad.

With prices starting at just £40, a private plate can actually work out to be a cheaper gift than a decent bottle of whisky. That’s certainly food for though, because it’s obvious which one is the most thoughtful, the most impressive and will last the longest!

So what plate would you like to choose for your dad? Maybe you’d like a DAD plate? Well that’s great as you’ve got loads of choice. For example, you could go for R24 DAD, L60 DAD, 7 DAD or DAD 4M.

You could choose to give your dad a Speedy Reg gift voucher so he can pick out a plate for himself. If he’s particularly fussy, it could be a good option!

Most people think the best plates are plates with their name on. So here’s a selection of name plates that we have in stock right now.

Dave – DAV 6 or DAV 3E

Steve – A77 STE

Tom  – 86 TOM or TOM 118

Bob – 19 BOB or BOB 50B

Adrian – ADE 1F or ADE 444A

Bill – BIL 4499 or 81 LL

Martin – MAR 16M or MAR 11Y

Rob – 2 ROB or ROB 40

Lee – LEE 12E or 666 LEE

John – 49 JON or JON 13S

Kevin – KEV 3T or KEV 777N

Neil – PNE 11L

Ken – 25 KEN or 86 KEN

Don – 100 DON or DON 98

James – JAM 31 or JAM 53E

Paul – PAU 11L

Colin – COL 1X or COL 7N

Scott – SCO 711S or SCO 770B

Leo – LEO 17A

Des – 33 DES or 222 DES

Basil – BAS 11L

Jack – 555 JAK or JAK 33E

If we haven’t listed your dad’s name, it doesn’t mean we haven’t got the perfect plate for him. Just type his name into the search box on our site and you’ll get lots of great plates to pick from.