Don’t Forget To Vote on June 8th

A general election always causes some heated debate, but perhaps this one is even more contentious than ever. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion and it’s not uncommon to see people falling out about it, especially it seems, on social media!

It’s an important decision for each and every one of us and one we shouldn’t take lightly. This really does affect the future of our country. Have you got a favourite party that you are certain will be the best choice, or are you still deciding, watching all the interviews and debates and trying to weigh up the pros and cons?

Whichever party you decide to vote for, it’s your right to vote so make sure you get to the polling station on June 8th. The polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm, so you can go before or after work, whatever is convenient for you. You will by now have been sent a polling card, this will tell you where your nearest polling station is. If you have misplaced your polling card, don’t worry as you don’t actually need this to vote. Just go along to the polling station and give them your details, you’ll then be able to cast your vote.

Some of us get fed up of politics at election time, it seems to be everywhere, from all the leaflets through the door to the seemingly endless coverage on TV. But many of us actually love it. The excitement, the importance of it. If you’re really into politics and have a favourite party you want to show your allegiance for, then here are our pick of potential personalised license plates for you to let the world know just which way you will be voting…

Conservatives – CON 4V, CON 706V, N222 CON.  Labour –  LAB 50N, B60 LAB, BA03 LAB. Liberal Democrats – LIB 75, LIB 78, DEM 4X. Green – GRE 1N, GRE 33N. SNP – SNP 10, S13 SNP, S200 SNP

We’ve got all these and many more available, just type the name of your political party into our search box and see what you can find!


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