Surprise Your BFF Today  – It’s Best Friends Day!

Who’s your bestie? Is it a work colleague? Perhaps it’s your mum, your dad or your son or daughter. Or maybe you’ve known your BFF since your school days. Best friends are wonderful. They know you inside out. They’re there for you when you lose your job or you’re broken hearted. They will put up with your bad moods and of course they’re always happy for you when something great happens in your life.

If you’re lucky you’ll get to see your best friend regularly, but perhaps your BFF lives far away, or you’re simply too busy with your work and family to meet up as often as you’d like to. Today is the day to make an effort. Give your best friend a call and arrange a meet up. If you live far away then why not send them a surprise in the post or just ring them for a long overdue chat?

It’s time to celebrate your friendship. Not everyone has a friendship as special as yours! You could even say thank you to your best friend by treating them to a private number plate! You may be laughing at this, yes it’s a lovely idea and they’d be really thrilled, but you’re not made of money right? Well the brilliant thing is, you can pick up a private plate for your bestie from just £40! That’s pretty affordable, especially for your best friend who you owe so much to!

So now you’re interested, let us take a look at some plates that could be perfect for you to gift to your best friend.

You know you and your friend are going to be best friends forever right? So how about a BFF plate? You could even get matching ones – that’s sure to put a smile on your best friends’ face! We’ve got B10 BFF and B11 BFF available. Or how about  BF02 BFF and BF03 BFF?  We’ve also got plenty of BUD plates for your best buddy. They might like C5 BUD, P55 BUD or BU03 BUD.

For your best mate we’ve got MAT 33Y for sale right now, or for your great pal how about PAL 3X or B40 PAL? You could tell your best friend that they really are the best with a best plate such as BES 7X or  BST 71B.

Buying a plate for your best friend is easy, but choosing just the right plate is sometimes the hardest part. If you’re struggling to decide on the perfect plate for your best buddy then why not let them choose? Simply order one of our gift vouchers instead! Once you’ve ordered a voucher you can simply print it out and give it to your bestie, or email it to them. You’ll only pay once your friend has chosen their plate and put in their order.

However you and your best friend spend the day, have lots of fun, best friends really are worth their weight in gold!