A Big Thank You To Alanda – 20 Years Dedicated Service To Speedy Reg

We’d all like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Alanda for all her hard work at Speedy Reg over the last 20 years. She’s a big part of the Speedy Reg family and we simply couldn’t imagine life without her, she’s been invaluable to the business over the years.

A lot has changed over the 20 years she’s been with us. She’s seen us safely through some big changes in the number plate world, from the closing of the Enniskillen Tax office, then the DVA at Coleraine, and the end of the tax disc system.

But perhaps more importantly, Alanda has had some big changes in her life too. When she came to us back in 1997 she was singleton Miss Carrothers, but then her Prince Charming came along, whisked her off her feet and now she’s Mrs Downey! The Downey family soon grew, and now they have two beautiful girls, Rebecca and Tiffany. Yes, our Alanda has come a long way in 20 years!

We’ve been very lucky to have her here at Speedy Reg, she’s brilliant at her job, she’s a lovely lady and she even laughs at the boss’s jokes. What more could you want?

So a massive thank you Alanda, from everyone at Speedy Reg and here’s to the next 20 years, because of course, we are never going to let you go, you’re just too important to us!

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