Irish Number Plates Include Many Popular Names


People choose all sorts of different types of personalisation when it comes to number plates. Some people choose a plate that represents their business such as VET or BUN for a baker. It’s a great way to advertise and makes your business memorable. Some people opt for an important date. Perhaps a wedding date or the birth date of a baby.

By far the most popular choice in personalisation though is names. There’s something really cool about having your own name on your license plate.

If you’ve always wanted a plate with your name on, but have never been able to have one because the UK number plate system doesn’t really accommodate your name well, you should take a look at Irish plates. Irish plates are legal to use in mainland UK and they are also very good value. This isn’t why I’m suggesting it to you though, the reason is that there are letter combinations that you just can’t get on standard UK plates as the Irish system is totally different. So if you thought getting a private plate with your name on it was impossible then do take a look, you might actually find one that’s just right for you, as with Irish plates you get letters such as I and Z that could make all the difference if your name has these letters in.

Let’s look at some examples…

If your name is William you could choose WIL 225, WIL 6 or WIL 2999.

Gillian could go for GIL 67 or GIL 180.

If your name is Caroline how about CAZ 205 or CAZ 76?

Sarah could snap up SAZ 1, SAZ 4 or SAZ 1952 – perfect if you happen to have been born in 1952, unless you’re shy about your age of course! All Irish plates are dateless, so at least they won’t know how old your car is!

Jill can choose from JIL 104, JIL 484 and JIL 3519.

Gary has lots to choose from including GAZ 616, GAZ 393 and GAZ 595.

Of course these are just a few of the thousands of Irish plates we have available. To see all the plates you have to choose from, just type your name or nickname into our search engine and they’ll all be displayed for you.

Our Irish plates are available on retention certificate at no extra cost, and if your order is over £199 then you could apply for our interest free finance option when you’re at the checkout if you’d like to buy now and pay later.

Our Irish plates are increasingly popular and when you take a look at the choice and the prices, I think you’ll see why. They are such amazing value, you really do get a lot for your money.