Hide the age of your vehicle with a dateless registration, from as little as £40

hide age of veh £40

You might think buying a private registration plate just to hide the age of your vehicle is a bit extravagant, but with prices starting at just £40 it really isn’t expensive. Having the age of your vehicle visible via your number plate for everyone to see can really be annoying. Do all your neighbours have newer cars than you? Are you ashamed to park your car in the works car park because your car is the oldest one there? Whatever the reason, you can now hide the age of an older vehicle very cheaply by buying one of our budget dateless plates.

You may be wondering why our dateless plates are so cheap. Well, we have a little not-so-secret secret! Many of our dateless plates are Irish plates. You may not know that you can legally display any of our Irish plates on your UK vehicle, and the good thing is that all Irish plates are dateless. The configuration of Irish plates is quite different from those we’re used to here in the UK.

Not only are Irish plates dateless, making them the perfect cheap option for hiding the age of your vehicle, but they’re also very good looking! We have a massive selection of dateless plates in our “3×3” range. That’s 3 letters and 3 numbers. There’s something very stylish about the symmetry of them!

So if you think you’d like a dateless plate. Where do you start looking? Well you have several options. If you have a particular type of personalisation in mind, then our search box is the place to start. Just type in your name, or whatever you fancy, into the search box, and select Dateless Search. All the results shown will then be dateless plates. You can find our search box on our homepage at www.speedyreg.co.uk. If you’d just like to take a look through a list of dateless plates to pick out your favourite, then you can find a list sorted alphabetically at http://www.speedyreg.co.uk/dateless-number-plates-A. If the personalisation isn’t that important to you, and you simply want a cheap dateless plate to hide the age of your vehicle, then you might want to start your search on our Cheap Plates page at http://www.speedyreg.co.uk/cheap-registration-plates-A. This is where you’ll find all our very lowest priced plates.

Hiding the age of your older vehicle is cheap and easy, just pick out your plate and follow the instructions online to go through our checkout. Any problems or questions regarding dateless plates, just give us a call or drop us an email!