Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!


Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo turns 30 on February 5th and we’d like to wish him a Happy Birthday! Ronaldo has had a brilliant career, ranking as the best player in the world several times. He’s also won FIFA World Player of the Year. So we think he deserves a fab new private plate for his birthday. We love to pick out the perfect plates for our favourite celebrities so we’ve chosen some for Ronaldo.


We think he might like one of our RON plates. We’ve got loads, and being a top footballer, we don’t think budget is going to hold him back when choosing a private registration plate! How about 51 RON, RON 1K or 58 RON? Or perhaps he’d like a plate with his initials on. We currently have CRZ 19, CRZ 40 and lots more besides.  With his birthday being February 5th, we also have a great birthday plate for him… CR05 FEB  – wouldn’t that be perfect!


If you also have a February birthday, or you’re looking for a February birthday present for someone. Our FEB plates are exceptionally good value. As an example, the CR05 FEB plate that is just perfect for Ronaldo, is available for just £199! We have loads of these plates, so just type your initials, FEB and your date or age eg. 05 or 24 etc. into our search box and a great plate is bound to pop up!


If you weren’t born in February, don’t worry, we have plenty of plates for other birthday months too.


For January birthdays we have lots of JAN plates such as BA03 JAN, SR02 JAN and 71 JAN.


For March how about BB04 MAR or D12 MAR?


For April birthdays you could go for APR 25A or E13 APR.


Those born in May can choose from plenty of plates including MAY 1K and R24 MAY.


For June babies you’ve got the pick of V222 JUN, MG02 JUN or TS03 JUN.


If you’re looking for a gift for a July birthday, then check out our JUL plates such as JUL 464, W19 JUL or NY02 JUL.


August is also a fine month for a plate with E1 AUG, K50 AUG and BH04 AUG all available right now.


For September how about F15 SEP, AB03 SEP or D20 SEP?


If you were born in October you’ve also got plenty of plates to choose from such as E16 OCT, F12 OCT and AA02 OCT.


For November birthdays choose from E1 NOV, D15 NOV or F2 NOV.


And finally for December we’ve got DEC 14N, V300 DEC and AE04 DEC all available.


Of course this is just a very small selection of the plates we have available for each of the 12 months of the year. To see all your choices, just use our search engine and type in your month of choice. You’ll then have hundreds more options to take a look at.