KRZ registrations are now being issued… Perfect if your name is Kristian?

KRZ Registrations

If your name is Kristian, Kirsten or Kirsty, we’ve now got new KRZ plates available. If you’re looking for a private plate, these are amazing value for money, starting at just £40. Even if KRZ doesn’t fit your name, it could be a good, cheap option if you’re looking for a plate to hide the age of an older vehicle as our KRZ plates are dateless.

Some examples of KRZ plates available right now are: KRZ 3096, KRZ 3133, KRZ 1770 and KRZ 1786. Of course we have lots more, just type KRZ into our search box and check out all the options.

Of course you may be a Cristian rather than a Kristian, no problem, we also have plenty of CRZ plates that could be perfect for you, these are also available at very low prices. We have lots of CRZ plates for under £100 such as CRZ 8341, CRZ 9089 and CRZ 2684.

We can transfer any of our KRZ or CRZ plates straight onto your vehicle, or onto a retention certificate. Retention certificates are a great way to own plates without having to use them immediately. They’re valid for ten years and we don’t charge any extra for a plate on a certificate.

Why would you want a plate on a retention certificate? Well there are various reasons. Perhaps you are getting a car soon but are currently without a car. If you spot a plate you really want, or you want to snap up one of our cheap plates for just £40 or £50, then you can buy it now and have it ready on a retention certificate for when you want to use it. Once it’s on a certificate, it’s yours and no one else can have that plate!

Or perhaps you already have a plate you love, but you’d like another one for variety. You can swap them over whenever you like, storing your spare plate on a certificate.

Many people are now treating private registration plates as an investment. Personalised plates have become pretty well known for keeping their value, and often even increasing in value. If you’re thinking of investing in plates, it’s going to get expensive and inconvenient if you need a vehicle to store them on, and you’d soon run out of room in your drive or garage if you bought