Have your new reg transferred today


If you want your new private reg plates asap, then do consider ordering them from us. Our name may give you a hint, but our customer reviews on Trust Pilot will give you the proof that we have the fastest transfers in the marketplace. You could even have your new plates the very next day after you buy them! In fact many registrations can actually be transferred the same day provided all your vehicle details are correct and up to date.

No one likes waiting around, especially not for something fun and exciting like new personalised plates. You’ve chosen them, you’ve paid for them, so you want to be able to use them as soon as possible. We deal directly with the DVLA to ensure your plates get to you extra fast. There’s no messing about, your order is our priority, we’ll get onto it as soon as you’ve completed checkout. If you don’t like waiting around our sales team in Speedy Reg will advise you on the quickest way to get your transfer completed.

If you are purchasing a registration that is already on retention did you know that we can transfer it the same day if your vehicle registration document is already in your name and the vehicle is currently taxed and MOT’d. You can simply select your registration and if it’s a Speedy Reg stock number on certificate already just pay in full over the phone and have your registration on the vehicle that very same day. Make sure you have your log book with you as we will need your current registration number, document reference number from the V5C and the registered keeper’s postcode. If the transfer is completed in this way we will send you an email with official DVLA confirmation as well as a link to download a form to have your new plates printed.  Many customers are extremely impressed with this new system for transferring registrations and not only does it speed the whole system up but will also cut down on paperwork.

Not all transfers can be completed in this way however and must therefore be lodged to DVLA. In this case paperwork must be sent to the cherished transfer section in DVLA, however with so many new transfers going through online DVLA have reported a much quicker turn around through manual applications. If you want to know how your order is progressing, just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll let you know how it’s getting on, and when you can expect your transfer to be complete. If anything needs chasing up with the DVLA we’ll do it all for you and keep you informed every step of the way.