Has your car got the X-Factor


Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a pop star or would you like the lifestyle of one of the judges on the X-Factor? A personalised registration is certainly something that will get you noticed.

Why not give your car the X-Factor and get yourself a personalised registration? Speedy Reg have come up with some great registrations for the X-factor judges. R17 ORA would be perfect for Miss Rita Ora and at £318.80 all in its a complete bargain. Cheryl could opt for CH63 RYL, which can be transferred to a vehicle registered from 1st September 2013. New boy Nick Grimshaw, who also goes by the nickname Grimmy could go for G71 MMY. Show founder and head judge Simon Cowell can certainly afford to splash out on a flashy number plate for one of his many vehicles. SC 31 would look great and apart from being a dateless registration, which can go on any age of vehicle it is a one of a kind extremely rare number. As this registration is quite pricey he may not want to put quite so much money towards a personalised number, instead perhaps he would like to go for 3693 SC, which at a lesser price is just as good.

If you would like a piece of the celebrity lifestyle a personalised number is certainly a good way to start. Not only will it turn heads but will also add value to your vehicle. A personalised number plate is a good investment as it will never lose its value, unlike your vehicle. Many people (especially the rich and famous) put money into personalised plates so as to invest in something that will increase in value over the years. Some people invest in stocks and shares, some invest in the property market or in businesses and some invest in registrations. Investing in a private registration is not seen as a gamble, unlike investing in stocks and shares or the property market.

If you have ever considered investing in a registration why not speak to Speedy Reg. Our company director has over 30 years experience and will offer sound advice on a good investment. If you have spotted the ideal registration for you why not give us a call today to discuss your options and perhaps get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.