TEZ registrations for Terry


The name Terry is a unisex name which is generally spelt Teri or Terri in the female form or is short for Terence in the male equivalent. Many Terry’s get their names shortened to ‘Tez’ as a nickname or sometimes ‘Tel’. Here at Speedy Reg we get many requests for TEZ registrations especially for Terry.

The great thing about the TEZ registrations is the fact that they are dateless and therefore can be transferred to any age of vehicle so this is good news if you have a historic vehicle that you have just restored and you wanted a nice personalised registration to set it off.

Many Irish registrations work well as personalised plates because many of them are actually nicknames or look like shortened versions of peoples names or surnames. For example BAZ is great for Barry, GAZ is excellent for Gary, MAZ is a good version of Marilyn or Margaret, HAZ is excellent for Hazel and HIG looks perfect for Higgins or HIL for Hillard or Hill.

Sometimes it isn’t always possible to find your ideal registration at the right price, for example if your name is Sharon you may not be able to stretch to the £26,000 plus asking price for SHA 120N but a good alternative would be an SHZ Irish registration such as SHZ 30 at £1600 plus the fees or if you are on a minimal budget SHZ 3530 is available for just £50 plus the fees.

So for any Terry’s or Teri’s out there why not consider a TEZ registration. If you are looking for something unique TEZ 7 is on the market for someone who wants a really individual striking registration. If you were born in ’75 TEZ 75 may just be the registration for you to celebrate your 40th birthday. For those on a limited budget you can get a nice four digit TEZ for as little as £280 plus the fees.

At Speedy Reg we also offer a finance option through Hitachi Capital which is a buy now pay later system whereby after paying a 10% deposit the remaining balance is payable over one year with no interest to pay. This is an excellent payment method for those who wish to spread the cost of their registration or simply cannot afford to buy outright and have a good credit rating.

If you have seen the registration you have been looking for and would like to discuss anything from how the transfer works to payment options we offer why not give us a call today. Your dream registration is just a phone call away. Our sales team are always happy to help with any questions you may have.