Buying a Personalised Number Plate Online

Personalised number plates allow it’s owner to show their individuality. It might read some thing very obvious or it may be something personal. But whatever the message, it’s clear that anyone can get one these days. Once associated with the rich and famous, personalised number plates are now incredibly more accessible.

There are a number of reasons to buy a personalised number plate – investment, fun and promotion come to mind straight away.

And with prices as low as £50, you can search for and buy a number plate online. No hassle, no fuss and it can be all done from the comfort of your own home or office. And these days, you can order it practically anywhere from a mobile device, smart phone or notepad.

Regardless of where you buy it, there are a few things that you should look out for when buying online.


The track record of your supplier is important. While every business has to start somewhere, it is important to check how long a company has been trading. If a company has been trading for a long time, they have a proven track record, happy customers and repeat business.

They will not be willing to see you a personalised number plate if all the right credential are not in order.


Make sure the supplier you’ve chosen to buy your personalised number plate online with has a number of accreditations. These include:

  • DVLA Number Plate Supplier Register
  • CNDA – Cherished Number Dealers Association
  • RMIF – Retail Motor Industry Federation
  • Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • RNC – Registration Numbers Club
  • Association of Personalised Registration Traders

Again, it goes to the credibility of the company. If they are affiliated or associated with the above associations, then you can be sure that they protect their professional reputation.

Online security

It is so, so important that you know the supplier has a secure site with a digital certificate to accept payments online. You don’t want to give your credit or debit details to a company that doesn’t have such stringent security. Most websites who accept your card is secured using what’s known as SSL encryption technology. Originally designed by the US military, it keeps internet fraud at bay.

Make sure the website has at least 128 SSL encryption. If you want to know what type of security your supplier has, then you can check it out. Most have a little lock on the bottom right of the browser. If you right click it, then a description pops up.

In summary, it’s easy and hassle free to buy online. But be wary of the supplier that are out there. Always buy from a trustworthy company.