The Ultimate Brigitte number plate has become available… BR16 TTE

Brigitte plates

We have some amazing plates that represent female names right now, but we’re very impressed with this BR16 TTE plate that we currently have available. If my name was Brigitte, I’d be seriously tempted with this one, it’s perfect! Perhaps Brigitte Bardot will be interested? It’s also good value at just £3500, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to this, we also have the stunning P6 BRJ. A gorgeous short plate, that’s a snip at just £599. At a lower price still, we also have BRJ 180K, on our site right now for £199!

We are always on the lookout for great plates for particular names, and we do like to bring them to your attention, so here are a few more. If your name is Barbara, how about BR13 ARA? If your mum is called Barbara, wouldn’t that make an amazing Mother’s Day present? For Ann or Annie, we think ANN 6E is just lovely! That one certainly stands out from the crowd. We’ve got a similar plate that’s just right for a Susie too – SUS 3E. For Marie we’ve got MAR 1E and for Maria we have MAR 5A. For Margaret, how about MAG 33E? For a Jenny or Jennie, perhaps JEN 13S or JEN 777S would be a good choice. Nancy can choose from 20 NAN, NAN 24 or NAN 61E. Of course, any of these would also make a great present for your nan! We have some plates for Sarah or Sara too such as SAR 5B and SAR 35H. Any Debra would love DEB 5A and J90 ESS would be brilliant for Jessica. We think AMY 848E (AMY BABE) is so cute for an Amy. Valentines Day has passed without this one being snapped up as the perfect Valentines present, so it’s still available if you want to make a really romantic gesture now for the Amy in your life. Angela might be very taken with ANG 314A and likewise, CAR 14A would be super for a Carla.

That’s just a small selection of the plates we have to offer, so chances are, we haven’t mentioned your name, but don’t worry, it’s very easy to find all the plates that match your own name. Just type it into the search box on our homepage!

All our plates can be supplied on retention certificate. We also offer interest free finance on