All our Physical Number Plates come with Anti Theft Screws Free of Charge


At Speedy Reg we’re all about going the extra mile and we don’t mean in our cars. We’re always looking for ways to make our service that little bit better, to provide those little extras that put us ahead of the competition. It’s not hard really, we just have regular brainstorming sessions to discuss what we ourselves would like in a private reg company, and we often ask our customers for suggestions too.

A massive range of private plates is a must, but that’s taken for granted really. You’ll never be short of choice when you’re choosing a plate with us! Good customer service is our prime concern. There’s nothing worse than ordering a product from a website, then not being able to get in touch if you have a query, or finding that when you do get in touch, the person on the other end of the phone is totally unhelpful.

You won’t have that problem with Speedy Reg though. All our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable. We open our phone lines for extra hours in the evening and at weekends so you can call us when you want to. It’s a pain when you have to ring up a company in a hurry on your lunch hour because the lines are closed by the time you get home.

When you buy your private plates, you’ll also need to get a set of actual physical plates, well of course that’s the whole point. There’s no point owning a stunning private reg and not using it on your vehicle where everyone can see it! You’re not obligated to buy your physical plates from us, but we do offer this service at a very competitive price. Our plates are made to a high specification so they’re very robust and will last a long time. They fully adhere to all the regulations so you can rest assured that your plates will be totally road legal. We also give you a free set of anti-theft screws. These screws are pretty clever and could save you a lot of stress and heartache. Sadly, license plates are frequently stolen and put on vehicles that are used in a crime. This could result in you getting a speeding ticket, or worse still. it could result in the police turning up at the door when a vehicle supposedly registered to you is used in a major crime! With anti-theft screws you’re really cutting down on the chances of this happening to you. The screws go in as easily as any other screws, but they are virtually impossible to remove without breaking the plate itself.

So, just another little extra for you to help make your Speedy Reg experience that little bit more rewarding!