Happy Birthday Lewis Hamilton – Celebrate with a 9 LH plate!


F1 driver Lewis Hamilton turned 31 this month and we think our plate 9 LH would be the perfect gift for him. What better present for a racing driver than a stunning private reg! Of course if he’d like some more to choose from, then we’ve also got plenty of other options available such as LEW 15D, LEW 15E and 6 LEW.

Of course it wouldn’t be fair to treat Lewis to a new plate without picking some out for other celebrities born in the month of January would it? So here’s our pick of the plates for more January-born celebs!

Rock star Marilyn Manson turned 47 this month and we think he might like 740 MM or 179 MM.

Actor Rowan Atkinson also celebrates his birthday in January and we’ve got plenty of choice for him too. Perhaps ROW 999, or 555 RA would be a good plate for him.

We think 42 NC or 98 NC would great for actor Nicholas Cage to celebrate his birthday with this month.


We’ve picked out G11 STE for January birthday boy cosmologist Stephen Hawking.


How about KAT 3H or D4 KAT for Kate Middleton who turns 34 this month?


Actor Orlando Bloom is another celeb with a January birthday. How about B1 ORL. OB 9 or 16 OB for him?


We think 97 ACE or ACE 5S would be great for Jim Carey as a tribute to his role as Ace Ventura.


Guy Fieri from TV show Diners, Drive ins and Dives spends a lot of time on the road, so we think he needs a really special plate such as 890 GUY, 56 GF or GUY 33N.


If you’re shopping for a birthday present for Alicia Keys this month, then you can pick up a real bargain plate for her. We’ve got AL04 KEY available right now for just £494! That’s a celeb style plate on a budget!


Ellen DeGeneres would be extra cool with an EDG 2R plate, or perhaps ELL 2N?


If you know someone who is celebrating a birthday this month, even if they’re not famous, they still deserve a great gift, why not type their name or initials in our search engine and find them a unique and thoughtful birthday gift!