DVLA Number Plates from £199

Number Plates from £199

How are you liking this sunny spell? It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? We all thought the winter would never end, it’s been a dismal start to the summer, but fingers crossed this hot weather will last a while, at least long enough for us to have a few barbecues and get a bit of a tan!

Glorious sunshine just seems to change everything. You can enjoy your garden, you’re not stuck inside all the time, you can get out and about without having to wrap up in dozens of layers of clothes. It just makes you feel cheerier doesn’t it?

With the school summer holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore some of the fabulous places this country has to offer, that are just spectacular in nicer weather. Theme parks, castles, gardens, there are plenty of places to go, so you’ll probably spend more time in the car if this nice weather hangs around.

So, it’s the perfect time to get yourself a new private registration plate, as you’ll be making the most of it and more people will see it! Get one now and you’ll have it on your car in good time for the school holidays, you’ll be the coolest parents when you take the kids out with a fancy new private plate!

You might be thinking that of course that would be great, but the summer holidays are expensive! Taking the kids out costs a fortune in the holidays. No, thanks very much but it’s just not the right time to splash out thousands of pounds on a new number plate, no matter how perfect it is.

Well of course being a parent often means you have to make compromises. But this time it really doesn’t have to be. Forget spending thousands. You don’t need to be a rich single playboy to treat yourself to a personalised registration plate. We have DVLA number plates starting from just £199! We’ve got absolutely loads at this price, so it’s not just a couple of plates that no one else wants, this is the standard price for many of our DVLA plates, so you’ll have loads of choice and are bound to find one with the perfect personalisation for you.

Finding your ideal plate is very easy, well, we say easy, searching for one using our online search facility is very simple, but choosing from our thousands of great plates might not be quite so easy! However, although it might take you time to choose, you’ll have fun looking at the options!

We have the fastest transfers in the marketplace so you don’t need to worry that you won’t have your plates in time to enjoy in the sun. We’ll have your transfer through super fast and we can even send you the physical plates if you require them, just select that option on the checkout page. Payment is simple too, we accept a wide range of payment options including credit cards and PayPal and we also offer interest free finance on orders over £199 so you can spread the payments.