Check out our Clever Number Plates Search Facility

Clever Search

We’re very proud of our very clever search facility. In fact, we wanted to name it The Ever So Awesome and Very Clever Number Plate Search Facility, but it looked a bit funny on the page so sadly we had to shorten it.  We’re a pretty modest bunch here at Speedy Reg HQ, we know we offer a great service, so we don’t need to shout about it, but once in a while we just can’t help ourselves. We are ever so happy with our web team who have spent many hours developing, testing and fine-tuning our search facility. We’ll definitely let them have an extra mince pie at the next office Christmas party. However it was a group effort, we all put in our ideas of what we wanted from a number plate search facility, and we tried to bring them all together into one simple to use system. We believe it’s the easiest to use number plate search out there, but we’re continually looking for ways to improve it, so if you have any good ideas, then do drop us a line!

The search offers you a lot of functionality without the complexity. If you have an idea of a word, letters or numbers you want on your new plates, then all you need to do is type them into the big yellow number plate and hit that orange SEARCH button. You’ll then be shown loads of suggestions with your chosen letters or numbers. You don’t have to worry about searching for all the letter / number substitutes, our search does that all for you behind the scenes. For example, if you were searching for a SUE plate, all you need to do is put that in, and any plate that had 5UE in it would also come up.

This is the simplest way to search, but if you have other requirements, you can do it all. Click on Prefix or Current Search to search all our current style and prefix style plates. You can specify any particular characters, or leave them as ‘Any’ for a wild card.

If you’re looking to hide the age of your older vehicle, then select ‘Dateless Search’ to search just within our massive dateless plates selection to find the perfect plate that you can put on a vehicle of any age, that won’t give the age of it away!

Once you’ve found a plate you’re interested in, you can proceed straight to checkout by clicking BUY NOW, or you can click the ENQUIRE button if you have any questions before you purchase your plate. So give our super duper search a go, and let us know what you think. We really hope you love it as much as we do!