Cheap Irish Plates from £40

Cheap Irish Plates from £40

Did you know you can pick up a personalised number plate for just £40? It’s true! Now I know what you’re thinking, we’ve got two £40 plates that will have been snapped up in minutes, and the rest are much more expensive, just so we can advertise our plates as ‘starting from £40’. Well, I won’t blame you for being suspicious, but in actual fact you’re wrong. We have lots of plates for £40 and plenty of plates for every other budget too.

So why are these plates so cheap? I imagine that’s what you’re now thinking? Well our very cheapest plates are in fact Irish number plates! Well, now you might be feeling disappointed. You thought you could have your very own private number plate, for just £40, but now you find out you need to live in Northern Ireland to have one. Well think again because all our Irish plates are totally road legal in the UK. There really is no catch to owning an Irish plate, totally the opposite in fact, as there are some good advantages too.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of owning an Irish plate, and one of the main reasons so many people buy them from us, is that ALL Irish plates are dateless. If your car is getting old and you’re looking for a plate to hide the age of it, our Irish plates are the perfect solution. A stylish personalised plate, that won’t give away the age of your car, at a truly affordable price.

Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean there’s a compromise on personalisation either. We’ve got a huge selection of plates to choose from, and many people actually think our Irish plates are the best looking plates when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

We’re experts in Irish plates, so you don’t need to be concerned that because you’re buying a plate that’s a little different from the norm that the process will be complicated and time consuming. I can assure you it’s not, we transfer Irish plates to UK vehicles on a daily basis without a hitch.

Another good reason to look at Irish plates is if you’ve always fancied a letter I on your plate. Perhaps if your name is Jill or Bill? Plates featuring the letter I are not issued by the DVLA in mainland Britain, but it is common on Irish plates, so you’ll certainly find the plate you’re looking for.

To buy one of our Irish plates, simply select it from our website as you would any other plate, and go through the checkout process. From receipt of your vehicle documents to completion of your transfer should take around two to three weeks. You can always call us for an update on the process of your order and we’ll be happy to let you know what stage we’re at with it. We’re also more than happy to place any Irish plate on a retention certificate for you if you don’t want it transferring straight to a vehicle.