Britain’s Got Talent, winners Number Plates


Are you a fan of Britain’s Got Talent? Love it or hate it, there’s something compelling about it. From the highly talented, to the downright bizarre, it’s truly a strange mixture. Britain certainly has got some talent, but Britain also seems to have a lot of people who think they have a bit more talent than they actually do! I have to say, I like watching the really terrible ones as much as the brilliant ones, and with the panel of judges, and the wonderful Ant and Dec presenting, it can be a highly amusing show.

You really can go on the show and do just about anything, so it’s a great way to show off a unique talent that doesn’t fit in with other shows such as X-Factor or The Voice. Where else could you take your dancing dog and actually win? Have you ever been tempted to go and audition? Maybe your friends and family have encouraged to show off your talents and give it a go?

If you love Britain’s Got Talent we’ve got some great BGT plates for you including the fabulous WN15 BGT. Fans of Ant and Dec can also pick up some brilliant plates such as BG02 ANT or BG04 DEC.

When you’re picking a new plate, it can be hard to think about exactly what you’d like on it, and having a think about all your favourite TV shows, films and bands is a really good idea. Other fans will spot it for sure! It’s a really unique way to show your devotion, much better than a t-shirt, and less permanent than a tattoo! With a TV related plate you can always sell it on when you’ve had your use out of it, you might even make a tidy profit, or you can put it on a retention certificate while you wait for the next series to begin! Owning a selection of private number plates that you can swap on and off your vehicle to suit your mood means you’ll never get bored of your personalised plates. Collecting plates is increasingly common these days, many see it as a good investment as plates often increase in value over time. A safe investment that’s also a lot of fun.

It’s easy to find your TV related plates thanks to our simple to use search facility. Just put the name of your favourite show or film into the search box and press the SEARCH button. If it’s a long title, try to abbreviate it. Many shows are known by a shorter name or can be easily recognised by its initials, so give that a try too. You could also try searching for the names of your favourite actors and actresses or their character names. You’ve got a star-studded world of choice with Speedy Reg and we’re sure the perfect plate for you is there somewhere so get searching and see just what you can come up with.