Why would I want an Irish number plate?

Number Plates

You may have noticed on our website that we sell license plates from Northern Ireland. In fact we offer a price promise guarantee, that we won’t be beaten on price for Irish plates. But you may have wondered why you would want a plate from Northern Ireland as opposed to one from the UK.

Well there are a few reasons. For one, they are shorter than your average DVLA plate, so they have that short and attractive personalised look to them. Secondly we sell them for very low prices, but most importantly, the biggest difference between Irish plates and UK plates is that the Irish plates are all dateless. That is, there are no characters that give away the year of issue, meaning that no one will be able to work out how old your car is!

So if your pride and joy vehicle is getting a bit old, but you’re not prepared to say goodbye just yet, then why not hide the age with an Irish plate? We’ve got thousands to choose from, so you won’t have to compromise on style to get a dateless plate. Take a look at our website and select ‘dateless’ from the drop-down menu to search all our dateless plates.

Image courtesy of Ron Bird / FreeDigitalPhotos.net