Number plate games for kids

Number Plates

We all know kids can get bored on long car journeys, so why not play some games? The one thing you’re guaranteed to see on a car journey is more cars, so games revolving around number plates are a sure bet.

There’s loads of ways to play games with number plates. You could spot the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. This is great for little ones learning their alphabet. You can also make this into a team game, dividing the passengers into two teams, one working from A to Z and the other from Z back through to A. The winner is the team that completes the task first!

You could spot numbers, from 1 to 9999 (ignoring the letters). A game like this can be continued journey after journey, a great way to make the school run a bit more exciting for the little ones!

You could also make up a word game. Spot a number plate and come up with a funny phrase starting with each letter of the plate. For example AD02 AVD could be A Vicious Dog. T11 LPM  – Let’s Play Marbles, AE06 YLE, You Love Elephants. I’m sure you get the idea, and kids find it fun and often hilarious.

Playing number plate games will certainly keep the kids entertained and make a long journey seem to pass much faster, so remember these games and give them a go next time you’re travelling.

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