Want a cheap personalised plate?

Cheap Number Plates

Then you should consider a DVLA license plate. Some personalised number plates can be very expensive, but just because you don’t have a lot of money to spend doesn’t mean that you can’t have a personalised plate. There is a lot of scope for personalisation with new style DVLA plates and the great thing is that they’re very cheap too! These days everyone can have a personalised number plate.

The format for the plates gives you a lot of options, there are millions of combinations to choose from, so obviously there’s bound to be one that suits you in amongst all those! Don’t be put off by all the choice though, using the easy search system on the Speedy Reg website you can quickly narrow down your choices and find the perfect plate for you.

The format of these plates consists of two letters, followed by a year number. These are 01 to 13 and 51 through to 63. You can then pick three more letters, perhaps your initials or your name?

You can be assured of great and fast service when you buy your bargain priced DVLA plate from Speedy Reg as we’ve been selling plates for nearly 30 years now!