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Fun Number Plates

You express your personality in many ways. From the clothes you wear and your hairstyle to your hobbies and interests, your own unique style shines forth. The car you drive says a lot about you, but unless you emblazon it with decals, or have the money for the flashiest sports car, it’s hard to really put your own stamp on a car. Most cars are similar looking, unless you pick an outrageous colour, you won’t stand out from the crowd.

If you have a big personality then you may feel like your boring car is letting down your quirky image. However, with a personalised number plate, you can make your car stand out from the crowd. You can put a bit of your personality into your choice of plate, and share this with everyone you drive past.

If you’re known for telling jokes, how about PUN 863? Or perhaps FUN 3Y, which would also be great if you’re particularly funky! Express your fashion style with E14 EMO or D13 MOD. Or, if you’re just super cool, how about ACE 219 or 92 FAB!

Photo credit: gareth1953 Friends Please Read My Profile / / CC BY