Kieran number plates

Keiran Number Plates

If your name is Kieran, you probably quite rightly think it’s a very cool name, and how better to celebrate the love of your name than with a personalised number plate?

Kieran is an Irish name that means ‘black’. So what is our totally awesome plate that we’ve got lined up for you? It’s K81 RAN. Wouldn’t that be amazing on your car? Everyone would instantly know you, you’d turn heads and be the envy of every other Kieran.

But these plates don’t hang around forever waiting for you to buy them, as sadly there are other Kierians in the world too. Snap it up quick before someone beats you to it. You might be pipped to the post by Kieran Culkin, McCaulays brother, or Kieran Halpin the Irish folk singer!

Don’t worry though, if you don’t manage to get this plate, Speedy Reg have thousands of plates to choose from, so you’ll have no trouble finding an alternative.

Photo credit: faith goble / / CC BY