2012 London Olympics

It’s been a big summer for London so far what with the Jubilee celebrations and the strawberries and cream at Wimbledon and now to top off summer 2012 the Olympics have come to London.

The Olympic flame will return this evening to the opening ceremony at the newly built Olympic stadium in the centre of London to light the Olympic Cauldron marking the official start of the Games.

The games can have a strange affect on people, with many who would normally shun sports and hate the idea of watching them turn into avid watchers, I can admit to being one of these very people. From the moment of the opening to the closing ceremony I am glued to the screen, with a little envy wishing I had become a professional swimmer, or a gymnast just to get a gold medal!

So with the games kicking off this evening we thought it would be apt to bring you a cherished number plate that can celebrate not only the Olympics but the fantastic year 2012 has been so far for the UK.

However if you are GB Sailor Andrew Simpson this 2012 AS plate would be a great way to celebrate a gold medal win…Fingers Crossed.