Let the sun shine!

After a summer that could have put the monsoon season in Asia to shame, we finally have received some summer sunshine and it looks like it is going to last till… next week!

With the weather to turn miserable again just after the Olympics start we could see the world athletes not only struggle with hurdles and Javelins but puddles too! But they came for a great British experience right?

So its time to make the most of it, beach bodies at the ready, hit the coast and start soaking up that sun before we loose it for another year because with our luck we could be packing up the BBQ’s for another year come next Friday.

As much as we wish we could keep the sun for more than a couple of measly weeks a year well we wouldn’t be Great Britain without our famous rain.

But you could keep the sun shining all year round with a cherished number plate, whether your name is Sunny or you like the rest of us just love the summer sun and cant abide to let it go let it shine all year round on your vehicle of choice!