Sweden rejects Lucifer car number plates

This week in Stockholm, the transport authority rejects a citizen’s request for a personalised number plate. The Number Plate in Question “Lucifer”  was not allowed as the authority deemed it as offensive to other road users.

However, 40-year-old Annsofie Tedfors, who had wanted the number plates explained to a local paper that she did not have devil in mind, she just wanted a memorable name.   She added that her business and cat is called “Lucifer”.

According to Swedish law, personalised car number plates must not be “offensive or disturbing”, and the authorities must consider all proposals before they appear on the roads.

In a country with 9.5 million people there are some 15,860 personalised car number plates in circulation, each costing 6,000 Swedish Kroners (around 630 euros or 815 dollars) and lasting 10 years.

Sweden is not the only country to ban offensive registrations, the DVLA in the United Kingdom have also withdrawn registrations from public auction. However it is interesting to note that some offensive registration’s have slipped through the system, for example, DO57 COW, EA51 COW, Y6 UNT , S11 CKU to name but a few.