Supercars with Cherished Number Plates

This summer London’s Knightsbridge area is filled with people from the Gulf states and the Middle East – Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai.

For the British residents, the summer is all about an escape to the sun; a fortnight in the South of France, the Italian Riviera or Spain. We Brits want sand, sangria, heat and a swimming pool. Anywhere but the sticky, filthy city, however for the mega-wealthy billionaire families of the Gulf states over is their summer.  They like London, because they are made feel welcome, and they feel safe.

With London making them feel so safe and welcome they are flying in their supercars. These cars can be seen parked outside Harrods, all customized in one way or another, from personalised number plates to a chromed bodywork.

One local commented on seeing the Saudi number plate 999 on a car, where the driver got out and looked liked an offer duty Lewis Hamilton. He complimented on his car and asked him how he got it over to London. He grinningly replied “In my plane”.

There are cars of all descriptions flocking into London this summer. Another car that was spotted was a Rolls-Royce Phantom customised with a stainless steel bonnet sporting a personalised number plate ‘1’. This registration was bought by a Dubia-based owner who paid over £7 million for the registration.

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ROS 5 Number Plates

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