Got A Sweet Tooth? It’s Donut Day!

Yes it’s Homer Simpson’s favourite day of the year. National Donut Day! Or even National Doughnut Day depending on your spelling of choice. Either way, it’s certainly one day We’ll be joining in with here in the Speedy Reg offices. Diets will be forgotten! It’s the perfect time to play the ultimate doughnut game. Can you eat an entire doughnut without licking your lips? If you’ve never tried this challenge, it’s harder than you might think!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Donut Day was a recent invention by a donut company to increase sales, but it actually started way back in 1938 as a fund raiser for the Salvation Army.

Everyone loves the classic jammy doughnut, or the simple ring doughnut, but there are so many different types of doughnut available, what’s your favourite? Apple and custard filled doughnut? An iced doughnut filled with caramel sauce or a fresh cream doughnut?

Perhaps you want to celebrate National Donut Day with something you’ve never tried before. How about a cronut? That’s a doughnut crossed with a croissant! Or what about a pizza doughnut, doughnut on the outside, pizza on the inside! Yes, now you can eat a three course meal consisting entirely of doughnuts!

How does a doughnut breakfast sound? Apparently, a doughnut filled with bacon and a fried egg is really delicious! I’m not sure I’m convinced but it’s worth a try isn’t it? It might just be a taste sensation! Perhaps a less radical serving suggestion is an ice cream filled doughnut. This sounds like my perfect dessert. Simply slice a doughnut in half and fill it with a great big dollop of ice cream – yummy!

Throwing a doughnut day party? Here’s a great party game for you that fits in with the theme. Tie ring doughnuts to a piece of string and suspend them from something. A tree branch or a washing line is a great idea, as this is a bit of a messy game that is best to be played outside! Then everyone has to eat their doughnut without using their hands! Fun and delicious at the same time. Much more tasty than bobbing for apples at Halloween!

If you’re totally nutty about donuts, how about a NUT plate? We’ve got NUT 1E, NUT 77A and NUT 80Y all available for immediate purchase!