Are you Ready for The 2019/20 Premier League Season?

Premier League - Speedyreg
Premier League – Speedyreg

It’s the 28th Premier League season and from 9th August we’ve got some awesome footy action right through to 17th May 2020 with 20 teams competing to be the overall winners. Which team will be the ultimate champions? Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by watching the matches on Sky Sports, Now TV, BT Sport or, for the first time ever, on Amazon Prime.

Eat, Sleep, Breathe Football

So are you ready for football to take over your life again? Are you ready to cheer your team on, and tease your mates when their teams lose a match? Have you got your new shirt to wear when you watch the matches? You need everyone to know who you’re supporting right? Scarves are a must, and perhaps you’ll even paint your face in your team’s colours? That’ll show everyone what a big fan you are. But then that’s what everyone does isn’t it? This year, why not take it one step ahead and go for the ultimate fan merchandise… football personalised number plates!

Take your pick of great footy plates

When it comes to football plates you’ve got a massive choice. Got a favourite player? Then how about their name or initials on your number plate? You could even team that up with their squad number! For instance, if you’re a fan of Liverpool goalie Alisson Becker whose squad number is 1, you could have the plate AB III. Or how about searching for the name of the team you support, or their nickname? We’ve got some great UTD plates for Manchester United fans. How about UTC 4C or UTD 574R? Did you know you can pick up a UTD plate for as little as £199? For this low price you could have a plate such as L29 UTD.

Your new plates could be a great investment

The great thing about personalised number plates is that they are a good investment. Of course you’ll be enjoying your plates, they’ll certainly keep a smile on your face throughout the Premier League season and beyond, but if one day you fancy a change of plates, you can simply sell your plate and you might even make a profit, which gives you a bigger budget for your next set of plates.  Winner!