Keep the Wimbledon Magic All Year Round by Finding Your Perfect Match

Wimbledon Final - Speedyreg
Wimbledon Final – Speedyreg

Once again we’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Wimbledon this year, and now it’s the Final! It’s the most exciting matches of the tournament, but of course it symbolises the end of Wimbledon for another year. We’ve had some good weather, we watched some amazing tennis, we’ve eaten too many strawberries and cream, and we’re just feeling as if we’d like that Wimbledon fever to carry on a little longer.

So why not get out and play tennis?

Okay so Wimbledon may be over, but it doesn’t mean no more tennis! The weather is great, so how about a match? You could create your own family Wimbledon tournament, or get a group of friends together. Tennis is a great sport to get involved in. It doesn’t cost a lot and most towns and cities have courts you can hire for a small fee. It’s brilliant exercise and it’s something the whole family can get involved in.

Get ready for Wimbledon 2020

When you arrive home after a holiday and feel the blues set in, the best solution is to book another holiday to look forward to. So if you’re going to be missing Wimbledon now, then how about getting tickets for Wimbledon 2020? Tickets are allocated on a ballot system, and you need to apply early. Last year applications were taken from September through to the end of December. Dates for this year’s ballot are likely to be released soon. Seeing the action on Centre Court for real is a truly amazing experience and that would certainly give you something to look forward to.

Find your Perfect Match

You can celebrate tennis all year round when you find your perfect match, and we don’t mean tennis match, we mean your perfect personalised number plates! Pick out a tennis number plate and it will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. You’ll instantly be transported right back to summer! We think you might like TEN 15 or perhaps one of our ACE plates such as the fantastic 6 ACE.

Plates for an all year summer

Perhaps you just love the summer and simply don’t want it to end. Hopefully we’ve got a few months of warm weather and sunshine to go yet, but when the cold starts to creep in, a SUN plate would be a constant reminder of the glorious heatwave. Our SUN plates start at just £199 and include AU55 SUN, BU02 SUN, F14 SUN and SUN 1E.