G&T Anyone? Celebrate World Gin Day!

G & T World Gin Day - Speedy Reg
G & T World Gin Day – Speedy Reg

Gin has certainly become very popular over the last few years. Now it’s become the fashionable tipple to enjoy and there are so many fantastic artisan gins being created, not forgetting some amazing flavoured tonic waters to add to your gin. So it’s no wonder that Gin has a special day all of its own, for everyone to pour themselves a glass, sit back and relax. Heaven!

Find a World Gin Day Event near you

If you love gin, then you must check out all the bars near you to discover gin deals and tastings. If you’re in London, you can even attend the biggest gin festival in the UK and what’s more, your festival pass is free. Simply download yours online. The festival runs over five days, 5th to 9th June and a selection of top London bars are taking part, offering the most amazing gin cocktails for just £6 when you show your festival pass. Not in London? Don’t worry, you can also attend a festival in Edinburgh or Manchester.

Gin and Tonic – an acquired taste?

There’s no denying that gin and tonic is an odd sort of a drink, the bitter taste of tonic can take a little getting used to, and when you look at the origins of the classic ‘gin and tonic’ you can appreciate how it came about. Tonic water was commonly drunk by the British in India in the 19th century as it was thought to prevent malaria. Gin was added purely to make the tonic water taste less bitter. It seems the British decided this combination was actually quite delicious, and so it continues to this day, never more popular than it is right now.

You could try making your own gin

As gin is basically vodka flavoured with juniper berries, it’s actually pretty easy to make your own, and a lot of fun too. Make a batch and you’ve got some great gifts to give away for World Gin Day. You’ll find step-by-step gin making tutorials online, or to make the job even easier, you can buy a kit.

 Love a G&T? You’ll love a GT plate

We’ve got loads of GT plates for all you gin and tonic lovers out there. Take your pick from 73 GT, 84 GT, 400 GT, 321 GT, 450 GT, 570 GT and many more!

Have a fabulous World Gin Day

So we hope you have a brilliant day. Get friends together and enjoy a glass of your favourite gin, but do drink responsibility, you don’t want to end up inventing World Hangover Day!