Celebrate Rally Italia with a WRC plate!

Speedyreg - Rally Italia
Speedyreg – Rally Italia

One of the most interesting and hair-raising rounds of the World Rally Championship, Rally Italia is coming up soon. It’s the 8th round of the WRC and it’s always a popular one with spectators, with some great viewpoints to watch the action, usually good weather, for the spectators at least, and a wonderful atmosphere. After the race, the winning team traditionally head off to Alghero’s historic harbour to celebrate. This beautiful setting plays host to the service park, and visitors can sample the delicious local Italian gelato.

A challenging course

The race route is a tricky one to be sure. The roads are narrow and lined with rocks, so it’s certainly not forgiving of errors. With a mix of sand and rutted tracks, drivers need to be on their toes at all time. Not the easiest task when the temperatures can often soar to over 30C. Lovely for those watching, not the best conditions for those behind the wheel!

Few changes for 2019

This year’s itinerary has been put together by Tiziano Siviero, world title winner in 1988 and 1999. He has announced that the route is so good, it doesn’t require much in the way of changes this year, so it will remain pretty much the same as last year.

The action in more detail:

Thursday 13th June

The event begins with the show stage at the Ittiri Arena on Thursday evening, two cars at a time will take on two laps of the arena, a former motocross track.

Friday 14th June

On Friday morning they take to the roads and tackle four stages over 124.20km. All four stages are then repeated in the afternoon. The stages are Tula, one of the most difficult stages of all, followed by Castelsardo, Tergu-Osilo and Monte Baranta.

Saturday 15th June

Then things get even tougher on Saturday. There are three stages, a total of 142.42km, each run twice, Coiluna – Loelle, Monti di Ala and Monte Lerno. Spectators get a real treat at Monte Lerno, with Micky’s Jump, watching cars literally leave the road as they leap over the jump at high speed.

Sunday 16th June

Sunday then sees two stages run twice. The 14.06km Cala Flumini and the 6.89km Sassari – Argentiera.

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