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Speedyreg - Hot Rod Races
Speedyreg – Hot Rod Races

On the 15th and 16th of June, head to historic Pendine Sands beach in Carmarthshire, South Wales for the fastest and most exciting beach racing competition in the world. 2019 will be the seventh year of these awesome races and it’s certainly a thrilling weekend. Competitors come from all over the world to take part. It’s a vintage race, so only pre-1949 vehicles are allowed to enter, and you’ll certainly see some beautiful hot rods and custom cars. There are Fords aplenty, Chevrolets, Willys, Plymouths and more.

VHRA (Vintage Hot Rod Association) members can access the pit, but anyone can go along and watch and it’s free of charge too! You can also park right on the beach for a fee of £4 per day. The race times depend on the tides, but will start around 10am and go on for about five or six hours.

Who will be King of the Beach?

Drivers compete for the coveted King of the Beach title. The current holder is Matt Farrant who has won the title three out of the last four years. He’ll be back this year to attempt to maintain the title for another year but he’s certainly got some tough competition so it will be exciting watching that’s for sure.

A prestigious location

Pendine Sands has a long history of speed, having been used for car and bike racing since the early 1900s. The beach offers the perfect straight, flat and smooth surface to race on. Of course this is also the location for the famous battle for the land speed record between J.G. Parry-Thomas and Malcolm Campbell back in the 1920s. Parry-Thomas’s car is actually buried in the sand dunes here.

A great atmosphere

For anyone with an interest in historic vehicles and motor racing, spending time in the village of Pendine over the hot rod weekend is a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people and even chat with some of the drivers.

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