Harewood Hillclimb Vintage Car Race – A Great Day Out

Harewood Hillclimb Vintage Car Race - Speedy Reg
Harewood Hillclimb Vintage Car Race – Speedy Reg

See classic and vintage cars compete on the longest speed hillclimb course in mainland UK on Saturday June 1st. This course plays host to two rounds of the MSA British Hillclimb Championship and the views of the Wharfedale Valley are just stunning.

The course is close to Harewood village, easily accessible from the A61, just take the turn off to the A659 at Harewood, midway between Leeds and Harrogate. Admission is £10 with under 14s free. You’ll get paddock admission, a programme and parking all included in the price. If you get there early, head to the Hill Top car park that has great track views. Practice starts at 9:00am with official timed runs beginning around 12 noon.

A warm welcome awaits you in Yorkshire

Why not make a weekend of it and discover more of Yorkshire? Harewood House is just round the corner and is open to the public with the house, gardens, children’s play areas, bird gardens and much more to discover. Travel a little further and you can visit the spa town of Harrogate, the walled city of York and many more gems that Yorkshire has to offer.

Why not learn the language?

When you travel abroad, it’s nice to learn a few words and phrases in the native language, and a trip to Yorkshire should be no different. Learn the lingo and you’ll fit right in! Here are some top tips to talk like a Yorkshireman or Yorkshire Lass.

  • Yorkshire people don’t drink fizzy drinks or soda, they drink pop. However if someone is ‘playing pop’ that means they are very angry with someone.
  • If someone tells you to ‘put wood int hole’ they’re just telling you to close the door.
  • If you’re feeling tired then you’re ‘jiggered’.
  • Before twerk became a dance craze, it was where Yorkshire people went to earn a living.
  • Feeling particularly pleased? Then tell everyone that you are ‘chuffed’.
  • If someone offers you a ‘croggy’ then politely decline or you’ll find yourself balanced on the handlebars of a moving bicycle.

Yorkshire men are thrifty, not tight  – that’s why they love Speedy Reg

Yorkshiremen have a reputation for being careful with their money. It’s not that they’re mean, they’re a generous bunch really, but they do like to spend their money wisely and get a bargain. Here at Speedy Reg we offer year round low prices, bargains galore, without gimmicks and time limited sales and offers. It’s no wonder we have lots of fabulous Yorkshire customers!