Get Set for the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races

Isle of Man TT Races – Speedy Reg

Dubbed ‘The most dangerous motor sport event in the world’ and ‘38 miles of terror’ there’s no denying, the Isle of Man TT is a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat event with racers exceeding 200mph. Held on public roads, rather than a race track, this brings even more hazards. You don’t get manhole covers, street lights and bus stops to avoid at high speed when you’re on a race track! In 1958 one racer even hit a cow during practice!

The races run from June 1st to June 7th and you can watch highlights of the action on ITV4.

Why the Isle of Man?

The race was initially intended to be held in England, but the Motor Car Act of 1903 put paid to that, with a 20mph speed limit being introduced, so the race moved to the Isle of Man to avoid the speed limit restrictions.

Isle of Man TT – Fascinating Facts

  • Ever wondered what TT stands for but been afraid to ask? Wonder no more, it stands for Tourist Trophy.
  • One rider won the TT a whopping 26 times, the late Joey Dunlop.
  • However, he nearly missed the race in 1985 as his boat sank on his way to the Isle of Man from Northern Ireland.
  • It’s a tradition among riders to visit Fairy Bridge and say hello to the fairies. It’s thought to be lucky.
  • The first TT race was just 15 miles long and was held in 1907.
  • James May once rode a lap of the course on a motorbike made from Meccano for an episode of Top Gear.
  • Brave, or possibly crazy TT fans can take to the course themselves on Mad Sunday, taking the mountain section with no speed limits.
  • The mountain section of the course has more than 200 corners.

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