Celebrate Your Geekiness – It’s Geek Pride Day!

Geek Pride Day Number Plates - Speedy Reg
Geek Pride Day Number Plates – Speedy Reg

These days it’s considered pretty cool to be geeky but this hasn’t always been the case. Back in the 80s I remember reading a copy of Your Sinclair magazine in school and was told by classmates in no uncertain terms ‘girls can’t be into computers’. Things have progressed a long way since then, and any girls that dared to be geeky got a head start into a world where everyone would be using computers every day.

Geeks are out and proud, even films and TV shows that would once have been considered very geeky have become mainstream. Marvel movies, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, even grannies watch them these days. Now everyone plays video games. So whether you’re a full on geek, fluent in Klingon, or you simply venture into the world of geekdom once in a while, this is your day.

Geeks come in many forms. You may have a geeky job, you could have a geeky collection, or perhaps you are a font of geeky facts and figures. Today is the day to share this with the world. Gather together with your geeky friends for a movie marathon. Watch your favourite episodes of Star Trek, play some retro video games, perhaps you could put together a quiz? Geeks love a good quiz. And don’t forget to share it all on social media so other geeks can appreciate your Geek Pride Day efforts.

Looking for a Geeky Number Plate?

Don’t hide your geekiness, share it with the world via your number plate! We’ve got lots of great plates that any geek would be proud of. For instance, if you’re a trekkie as well as a geek, then how about 2 REK for your next private plate? Geeky Game of Thrones fans can choose one of our many GOT plates such as GO03 GOT, M24 GOT and GOT 2B. Tron fans can pick up 71 RON, which would also be great if you love Iron Man, but perhaps you’d prefer 1 RON? Many geeks are members of MENSA, the club for clever people, so how about showing off your braininess with the plate MEN 54H?

Geeks come in many forms, perhaps your geekiness shows through with your passion for Dungeons and Dragons? We’ve got lots of great DD plates and ADD plates such as 72 DD, 97 DD and M23 ADD. Maybe video games are more your thing? Perhaps you’d like X3 XBO,  or Playstation fans can choose a PS4 plate such as P54 TAD or P54 EDP. Computer geeks can have a RAM or ROM plate such as RAM 2A and ROM 333M.