Happy Birthday Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt blog


Brad Pitt turns 50 today and the Speedy Reg team cant believe it! The Hollywood hunk is best known for films such as the Ocean’s Eleven, Benjamin Button, Fight Club and Troy and is probably one of the best loved actors at the moment. Despite being in many block buster movies he has never won an Oscar. It doesn’t look likely that he will win any awards for his most recent Movie World War Z, however his new World War II film ‘Fury’, which is due for release in November 2014 may just win him the coveted prize.

His equally famous fiancee Angelina Jolie may be at a loss for what to get him for the big 50 and with Christmas also being just days away she may want to blow the budget and get him something extra special. A Brad personalised plate such as BRA 7S, which looks like Brads or BR02 ADD. However his real name is actually William Bradley so he could go for a nice WIL registration, which he could put on one of his classic vehicles as this is a dateless registration.